Happy Birthday, Dear Madame Blavatsky

Michael Bloor (first published in Ink Sweat & Tears Oct 15, 2016) She didn’t think things could get much better. Madame Blavatsky blew out all the candles on the cake, closed her eyes and wished. Each of the encircling adepts then extinguished their own single candles. A cloud crossed the lambent Sicilian moon, she breathedContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Dear Madame Blavatsky”

The Rime of the Globalised Mariner. In Six Parts (with bonus tracks from a chorus of Greek shippers).

Michael Bloor Seafarers International Research Centre, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University, Wales, United Kingdom First Published in Sociology, 47: 30-50, 2013 Part I It is a global Mariner,And he stoppeth one of three.‘By thy long grey beard and glittering eye,Now wherefore stopp’st thou me? ‘The centre’s doors are opened wide,And Bourdieu got it right:Consumption lendsContinue reading “The Rime of the Globalised Mariner. In Six Parts (with bonus tracks from a chorus of Greek shippers).”

Mikhael Bulgakov’s “The Steel Windpipe” in A Country Doctor’s Notebook

Michael Bloor (First published in Hektoen International, Feb 8th, 2014. Republished by Hektoen International, Fall, 2021.) Anton Chechov (1860–1904) is Russia’s most famous literary doctor, but another of Russia’s great twentieth century authors also practised medicine. Mikhael Bulgakov (1891–1940) was the banned author of The Master and Marguerita, first published twenty-six years after his death,Continue reading “Mikhael Bulgakov’s “The Steel Windpipe” in A Country Doctor’s Notebook”

Twenty Pounds a Completed Interview, Plus Expenses

Michael Bloor (first published in Fictive Dream, Nov. 13th, 2016) It’s a week since Kate and I had the row. It started at a far-away station (Kate’s reverse parking) and picked up more and more momentum en route – my old leather jacket, the joke I told at Kate’s sister’s wedding, the snore wars, theContinue reading “Twenty Pounds a Completed Interview, Plus Expenses”