MICHAEL BLOOR (first published in Dodging the Rain June 1, 2018) CastlebayCottage ,Shore RdThousand Islands BayNorth IslandNew ZealandDecember 15th, 2016 The LibrarianSchool of Scottish StudiesUniversity of Edinburgh. Dear Sir/Madam,I would be most grateful if you would accept the gift of the enclosed manuscript.Yours faithfully,Captain Alan Padraig MacNeil (retired) # Summer vacation, Isle of Barra, 1954.Continue reading “PADRAIG NEILL AND THE LAST ISLE”

The Redeeming Flood

Michael Bloor (first pubished in Scribble, Issue No.77, Spring 2018, pp. 67-69) I found the battered and scratched figure in the hospital bed to be surprisingly cheerful. Jim Shardlow, our village GP, is in his sixties and I’d expected his near-death experience (cracked rib, large gash on his hip, multiple bruises and scratches, blood lossContinue reading “The Redeeming Flood”


Michael Bloor ( first published January 27, 2018 Every Day Fiction ) Several journalists came to interview me after the confrontation with the terrorist in Edinburgh. None of the reports were very clear and some were wildly inaccurate: a young woman from The Sun newspaper, called Serena, said she wanted to compile a profile ofContinue reading “EMANUEL SWEDENBORG’S BACON DREAM”

The End of the Tribe

Michael Bloor [first published in Dodging the Rain, January 18th, 2018] Aneirin, son of Llewellyn, stood a respectful two paces behind his prince. Prince Owain looked out eastward over the fort’s ramparts, tracing the sinuous silver of the river as it meandered through the marshes and finally entered the great estuary. Aneirin, followed his glanceContinue reading “The End of the Tribe”

Shakespeare Meets the Macbeths

By Michael Bloor (first published in Copperfield Review, Oct 16th 2017) In 1601, James VI of Scotland (soon to be crowned James I of England) summoned Shakespeare’s company, The Lord Chancellor’s Men, to give performances of their plays in Edinburgh and Aberdeen. In Aberdeen at least, the visit seems to have been highly successful: onContinue reading “Shakespeare Meets the Macbeths”