Michael Bloor (first published in The Drabble, Aug 29th, 2020) Prime Minister Chamberlain was told that German troops were invading Austria while attending a farewell dinner for von Ribbentrop, the Nazi ambassador in London. Chamberlain stayed on for after-dinner drinks and conversation. George W. Bush was visiting a Florida elementary school when an aide whispered:Continue reading “Timing”

Crossing the Border, Long Ago

Michael Bloor (first published in Spelk Fiction, March 30th 2020) In the snaking queue for passport inspection at Heathrow, I watched the Asian family gathered around the neighbouring passport booth to my left: the tired, sullen children, the downcast mother, the desperate, gesticulating father. I knew how they felt. These days, I sail through passportContinue reading “Crossing the Border, Long Ago”

Maggot-Racing: the Sport of Kings

Michael Bloor (first published in The Cabinet of Heed, Issue 28, January 2020) The reason maggot-racing was so exciting was because maggots have absolutely no sense of direction. Your maggot might be wiggling along strongly – well clear of the rest of the field, with a nice, clean, economical action, and plenty of fuel leftContinue reading “Maggot-Racing: the Sport of Kings”