Midhowe Chambered Cairn

(first published in The Drabble, November 16th, 2022)

By Michael Bloor

On the small Isle of Rousay in the Orkneys, there lies a great chambered tomb. Five thousand and four hundred years ago, the farmers and the fisherfolk of the island laboured over many years building the tomb, the better to house and honour their dead. It sits in a field corner, alongside the farmer’s pile of black plastic sacks, storing the cut grass that will become the silage for the animals’ winter feed. That black plastic might seem unsightly, but it is surely also a reminder that humankind are still working this field after more than five-thousand years.

2 thoughts on “Midhowe Chambered Cairn

  1. Visited it with a friend in the late 1970s. After looking at other sites and not finding Midhowe, we saw what looked liked a modernish farm warehouse near the seashore. Found a door that opened and went in and there it was. Inside were some ancient monuments guys sitting around eating lunchtime sandwiches. Beautiful island.


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