The Wisdom of Work Placements

By Michael Bloor (first published in Free Flash Fiction, 24th of August, 2022) I read somewhere that cats live in the ‘eternal present,’ which is why they never express gratitude, only pleasure. This strikes me as a pretty good life-principle: okay, gratitude goes out the window, but we could also say goodbye to regret, disappointment,Continue reading “The Wisdom of Work Placements”

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Life Coach

by Michael Bloor (first published Grey Sparrow Journal, Issue 40, July 31st, 2022) I believe quite a lot of people chat, from time to time, with their deceased relatives. Myself, I’ve often chatted to my dad, especially when stuck in traffic. But I imagine that chatting to Samuel Taylor Coleridge is more unusual. Unusual, butContinue reading “Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Life Coach”

The Next Morning by Michael Bloor

(first published in Literally Stories, June 28th, 2022) He woke abruptly in the lonely bed. It was still dark. The dolorous memories of yesterday’s events knotted his guts and sent him to the bathroom. Downstairs, he fed the clamorous cat and chucked more fuel on the stove – autopiloting. A pause and a deep breathContinue reading “The Next Morning by Michael Bloor”

The Trip to St Andrews by Michael Bloor

(first published in Free Flash Fiction, 17/6/2022) Dr. Ernest Mathewson was eating an early breakfast. He was about to head off to the University of St Andrews to examine a postgraduate dissertation. It was a longish drive from Glasgow and the external examiner’s fee was a joke. But, as he’d patiently explained to Mrs Mathewson,Continue reading “The Trip to St Andrews by Michael Bloor”

An International Incident

By Michael Bloor (first published in The Drabble, 15/6/2022) In 1934, Derby County FC toured Germany, invited by the German Football Association. A year previously, Hitler swept to power, banning all other political parties. The manager told the players that the British Ambassador had insisted that, prior to kick-off, the Derby team must line-up withContinue reading “An International Incident”