Hubble, Bubble, Toilet Trouble

Michael Bloor (first published in Idle Ink, Nov 7th 2020) The allotments are a sociable place, especially for me because my plot is right next to the entrance. So I get to greet, and chat to, everyone coming through the gates. The conversations are kindly and cheerful, except when the subject is pigeons or cabbageContinue reading “Hubble, Bubble, Toilet Trouble”


Michael Bloor (first published in The Drabble, Aug 29th, 2020) Prime Minister Chamberlain was told that German troops were invading Austria while attending a farewell dinner for von Ribbentrop, the Nazi ambassador in London. Chamberlain stayed on for after-dinner drinks and conversation. George W. Bush was visiting a Florida elementary school when an aide whispered:Continue reading “Timing”